Personal Training and Yoga Sessions

Personal Training Rates:
Initial Assessment: $70.00
1 on 1: $55.00
New Program: $60.00

9 Session Package:
Initial Assessment 1.5 hrs
3 workout routines
8 x 1 hr. 1 on 1 sessions
All for $450.00

Initial Assessment
This session will last 1 – 1.5 hrs

Fernie Personal Trainers at VitalityVitality’s personal trainers assist you in creating and working towards your fitness goals by developing a workout that suits your needs and time commitment. Your personal trainer measures your weight, body fat percentage, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle percentage, body mass index (BMI) and body measurements. These measurements will serve as benchmarks as you progress.

Your trainer walks you through your new workout routine, demonstrating how to perform the exercises correctly.

You can meet your trainer regularly. The two of you will decide how frequently you do one-on-one sessions to help keep you motivated and feeling great!

One-on-one Sessions
These sessions last 1 hr

After initial assessment, your trainer can meet with you and encourage you through your workouts. Choose this option if you’d like constant coaching to keep you on track.

New Program
These sessions last 1 – 1.25 hr

Change up your routine once in a while to keep the body responding. During this session you learn new exercises and proper technique.

Fernie Yoga - Private Yoga Sessions available at VitalityPrivate Yoga Sessions
This session will last 1.5 hrs

Here at Vitality we take pride in our practice and want you to as well. We will help you determine your mental and physical goals, assess any limitations and develop the perfect practice for you. We will create a flow to suit your personal practice needs. You will go home with 2 practices.

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