Dayna Haig – Education Teacher Personal Trainer and Class Instructor
Dayna has played competitive sports and been an outdoor enthusiast for her whole life so maintaining a health active lifestyle is one of her core values. She was enrolled in Birchmount Exceptional Athlete Program for high school where she learned the foundations of training athletes in all aspects of health and fitness. She continued on to become a starting Varsity Women’s Soccer Player for Brock University while completing a major in Outdoor Recreation and Physical Education. She wanted to share her love of fitness so she began coaching soccer and personal training. She has been personal training, running team fitness training camps, circuit classes and boot camps for the past six years. She is and avid outdoor recreation and sports enthusiast and loves helping others achieve the fitness levels they need to keep playing outside, bounce back from injuries or try fitness for the first time!

Ashley Hoto – Childcare Giver, Personal Trainer and Class Instructor
Balance is key in life for the mind, body and soul. Getting down to the core and working on all those little muscles holding everything together is the key.

My inspiration to a healthier lifestyle began in high school with my fitness teacher, Ms. Ashwood. I was not a competitive person, so sports were not my thing. She introduced me to many different ways to keep fit such as step, boxing, spinning, dance, yoga and much, much more.

I later earned a diploma in health and fitness promotions from Niagara College, and followed up with CSEP personal training certification and Canfit Pro fitness instructor certification.

Fernie is a great place to stay active and enjoy the balance in life, from the many extreme outdoor activities to the wonderful calming yoga scene there is a little bit of everything. It brings joy to my life helping people achieve their goals. No matter how big or small, each step counts.

Barb Kaufmann – Education Teacher and Class Instructor
Barb has been involved with the fitness community in various capacities over the past 10 years. She has competed in power lifting, mountain running endurance races, and completed her first Tears & Gears last September.

She has been instructing aerobics, boot camps and spin classes since 2007 and has been certified by the AFLCA and BCRPA.

As much as Barb loves spin class, her real passion is outside. Having recently moved to Fernie, Barb is having no trouble finding fun ways to embrace this passion in such an active community.

Amanda MarkouAmanda Markou – Owner/Operator and Class Instructor
Amanda was influenced by Yoga at a very young age. As the daughter of a yoga instructor in the 70’s Amanda has fond memories of sitting in lotus in the backyard and waking up every morning to her mother doing Sun Salutations to Cat Stevens “Morning Has Broken”.

Amanda has maintained a regular Yoga practice for at least 15 years and in 2009 decided to travel to Rishikesh, India to do her teacher training with The World Conscious Yoga Family. After her Yoga training she continued Ashram life and studied Reiki and obtain her Reiki Master status. Having experienced the changes that yoga brings to life on a mental, emotional and physical level, she enjoys sharing these benefits with others.

Amanda was introduced to Total Body Resistance Exercise in 2011. Immediately after trying it she was hooked. No more boring monotonous trips to the weight room! Amanda loves the simplicity of this form of training and enjoys seeing people experiment with and benefit from the TRX straps.

Sage McBridge - Spin Instructor at VitalitySage McBride – Famous Singer/Musician and Class Instructor
Sage McBride began her biking journey as a whining 7 year old child who’s parents started a bike camp and forced her into competitive mountain biking despite her non-competitive nature. From her initial distaste for biking, grew a great love and an eternal gratitude to her parents for pushing her out of her comfort zone.

Since then, Sage has always had a love for biking, partaking in multiple long distance rides in BC with friends and family. She has biked from Fernie to Nelson, Banff to Fernie and one time biked from Fairmont to Salmon Arm to raise money for cancer research.

Her journey on a spin bike began two years ago, and she was in love with the great workout a 45 minute class could provide, combined with the inspiring music and encouragement from instructors. She figured since she took spin classes 3 – 5 times as it was, it would be a new adventure to teach a class. And so she received her Mad Dogg training this past February and began her instructing career here at Vitality.

Megan Thiessen - Zumba Instructor at Vitality in FernieMeghan Thiessen – Circus Performer and Dance Instructor
As a young child, I started out with dance and soccer and from there my love for the human body, fitness and health grew. During Junior High School I experienced a lot of sports including basketball, volleyball, track and field and long distance running.

I always wanted to test the limits of the human body. When I grew up and graduated from High School, I ventured out into a different field in college. Although I looked into other subjects, I soon realized that health and fitness was where I needed to be.

It all came back to me that what I truly wanted to do was to help make people feel as good as I do every day.

I love the feeling I get after a run or a “day of legs” at the gym. It always gives me a boost in my attitude when I leave the gym, and now I know what I want to do. I am going to bring happiness to people by using the art of fitness.

I’m still young and new to this whole part of life, but I have never felt so sure about my direction. I’m excited to inspire and to watch others experience the happiness that I do!

Julie Kelly – Mountain Biking Maniac, Personal Trainer and Class Instructor
Julie has fourteen years of experience in the fitness industry.  Experience includes six years of management, seven years of personal training and fourteen years of instructing classes. She is a Can Fit Pro Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and ACE (American Council Of Exercise) Personal Trainer. Julie holds certifications in TRX, TRX Rip Trainer, Storm Cycling, Bender Ball, Physical Yoga and Fusion Fitness.

Julie’s passion is endurance mountain bike racing. She has been racing for five years and has completed seven 24-hour solo races, Breck Epic, Trans Rockies, Furious 3, Fernie 3 and various day races.  Julie loves spending time on the Fernie trails getting ready for her next adventure.

Louise Wight – Stella and Dot Representative and Pilates Instructor
Louise started her Pilates journey 9 years ago in Scotland and quickly fell in love with this mind body exercise program – so much so that she travelled to Toronto to train with the best in the field, Stott Pilates. Her teaching career began in Scotland and continued having moved to Fernie in 2008 to set up her own business. Two children later, Louise is excited to teach again with Vitality. Pilates is for everyone – whether you are recovering from injury or are a professional athlete! The program strengthens and tones your muscles without adding bulk, and improves core strength.

Ashley Retford – Student and Zumba Instructor
Ashley began dancing at the age of three and has never looked back! With over 10 years of competing in many disciplines in both Canada and the United States her passion for dance motivated her to become a certified Zumba Instructor. Over the past three years, Ashley has channeled her love for dance through Zumba as a way to inspire others to find both fun and fitness in dance and movement. She is always seeking to help encourage and promote health and wellness through her Zumba classes and strives to make each class fresh, dynamic and exciting.

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