Class Descriptions

Fernie Bootcamp at VitalityClass Legend
When viewing our schedule on-line, remember class difficulty is outlined by colour:
Green: Intermediate
Yellow: Moderate
Red: High Intensity

Cancellation Policy
Please understand that class space is limited. A $4 no-show fee applies should you miss a class without cancelling 4 hours in advance.

Cardio, core and stretching… the ultimate way to git ‘er done!

Boot Camp
This “tough love” approach is designed to get you into shape fast while sweating and laughing at the same time! These classes work your entire body! Expect to challenge yourself as you work out boot camp style using core conditioning, obstacle courses, drills, strength training, circuit training, stretching, and much more!

Fernie Spin Class at VitalityBootcamp/Spin Fusion
Shake things up then spin things out! 30 minutes of your favourite workouts combined in 1 fantastic hour!

Built up stress and tension from a hectic lifestyle? Come punch, jump, and kick it all out!! This high impact workout will get you moving and burn calories.

Today’s hottest exercise! The ultimate workout for mind and body. Helps strengthen, condition, tone, streamline, and realign your body without the bulked up results.

Keep in cycling shape all year long. You will get pumped to spin those legs to modern beats to create some heat!

Swiss Ball Core
Using the large exercise balls we will focus on strengthening the oblique, abs and back muscles. Fernie Zumba Class at VitalityKeeping your core strong and healthy is the best preventative practice to avoid injury!

Ultimate suspension strap body weight training. TRX is a highly dynamic workout with emphasis on core strength and muscle toning. You’ll get a balanced workout for every muscle in your body, even the ones you didn’t know you had!

Zumba Dance Party
Come for a cultural experience and leave exhilerated. Our instructor will have you shaking your booty, waving your arms, and jumping to latino beats!


Mommy & Me Yoga at Vitality in FernieCore Yoga
A yoga practice with elements of Pilates challenges us to strengthen our core.

Mommy & Me Yoga
Ideal for babies 0-11 months. Call to sign up for a preregister session.

Toddler Yoga with Spin
Join our fun filled crazy animal noise making yoga, songs and of course laughing yoga in a casual and safe environment. If your child is over 2 Spin in the next room at the same time! It’s genius really!

Vinyasa Flow
This class will focus on breath-synchronized movement. Fernie Yoga at VitalityYou will deepen your awareness of your body through the 12 posture Sun Salutation sequence. You will stretch, strengthen and create balance.

Yin and Yang
Yin yoga is passive, slow, quiet and introspective. Yang is more energetic, creating heat and vitality. The contrast provides perspective to the unique benefits of each style. This is the perfect class for beginners, seniors and experienced yogis.

Yoga For Hips
A wonderful yoga practice to open the hips. Our bodies will soften and open up as the hip muscles release. You will achieve peace in Pigeon, Firelog and Cow Faced pose.

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